Favorite TRX Exercises For Beginners

Favorite TRX Exercises For Beginners

TRX Suspended Knee Tucks

Interested in adding variety to your workout routine? Fifteen of the country’s top trainers share their favorite TRX exercises that’ll challenge your fitness and strengthen your entire body using one of the most popular and versatile pieces of exercise equipment. 

Gliding Plank

 This is my favorite exercise because it turns on so many muscles. You'll feel it in your shoulders, triceps, glutes and abdominals, as the TRX brings in the element of instability which increases the overall demand on the midsection,” says Angel Chelik, founder of WorkBetter Wellness, a San Diego-based company that provides online workouts, nutritional guidance and personal development coaching to local businesses.

A. With straps approximately 1 foot off the ground kneel and place your feet in straps directly under the anchor point. Position forearms on the ground directly under your shoulders and lift one knee at a time coming to a plank position.

B. Inhale and glide forward, aiming to shift head just past hands. Exhale, and glide backward, ending with head behind hands. Continue to glide back and forth, keep your shoulders and hips square and prevent your low back from arching.

TRX Squat

“Since I primarily work with clients that need to lose 100 lbs. or more, I often incorporate this move into my training sessions as it’s a great functional, scalable exercise that suits all fitness levels and provides the most benefits the least amount of risk,” says Lee Jordan, certified health coach and creator of “30 Seconds to Victory,” a physician-endorsed program.

A. With the straps at mid length, stand with feet hip-width distance apart facing the TRX, grasping one handle in each hand.

B. Hinge hips and bend knees, lowering to a squat position as if sitting in a chair. Keep core engaged, using the suspension trainer for balance and to improve your range of motion. With control, slowly rise to starting position.

Suspended Lunge

“By suspending your rear foot in the TRX it turns the tried-and-true lunge into a test of stability, mobility, strength and balance that you won’t get from resting your rear foot on a stable object,” shares Dan McDonogh, senior manager of group training and development for TRX.

A. With the handles at mid-calf, stand facing away from the TRX on the left foot with the right foot in both foot cradles.

B. Lunge down and drive your suspended foot back until your front knee is at 90 degrees, keeping eyes forward the entire time.. Drive through your heel to stand back up.



Atomic Push-Up

“This exercise engages your entire body, from your toes to your nose. Plus it delivers a huge core and upper-body workout,” says Randy Hetrick, Founder and CEO of TRX.

A. With straps position at mid-calf, place feet into cradles and press up into plank position, aligning hands below shoulders.

B. While maintaining a solid core, lower chest just above the ground bending the elbows, then push back up to starting position.

TRX Suspended Knee Tucks

“This full-body exercise is one of my favorites as it focuses on strength and stability of the abdominal muscles, hip flexors and shoulder girdle,” shares Tiffani Bachus, personal trainer, registered dietitian and fitness magazine cover model.

A. Place feet into foot cradles so tops of feet face the floor. Position hands below the shoulders and press up into a plank position.

B. Keeping core engaged, bend knees and hips to torso, allowing the hips to lift and spine to flex. With control, slowly return to starting position.


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