The Best Home Gym Workout And Fat Loss Workout Routine For women's

The Best Home Gym Workout?

The Best Home Gym Workout  And Fat Loss Workout Routine For women's

What Is The Best Home Gym Workout? Be Specific.
There are two major parts to a good workout:
    Fat Loss Workout Routine for Men YouTube. you'll see two exercises that are part of a the ultimate fat loss workout series Fat Burning Workout Routine for Men Shoulder Workout  Best Fat Loss Workout Routines for Men fatlosspot. FatLossPot is your ultimate source to make the best decision of your life about your fat loss mission without any confusion. With hundreds of diets plans categorized  REDDIT FITNESS » Workouts and High Tech Fitness, Reddit. On Reddit Fitness you can find new information about Fitness and human body physical improvement, including new technologies reviews, images, videos and more.  Workout Routine for Men YouTube. Press play and watch the best fat loss workout routines for men part #2 Curtis Ludlow's Boot Camp FX at home fat loss workout routine for men  What Is The Best FatLoss Workout? Bodybuilding. What is the best fatloss workout? Rather, most people don't know how to properly plan a workout routine designed to promote maximum fatloss
  1. Aerobic Training - requires an elevation of the heart-rate for an extended period of time (aids in the reduction of body fat)
  2. Strength Training - requires the use of weights or one's own body weight to apply stress on the muscles for eventual muscle growth and strength gains
The "At Home Workout" incorporates these two together for a high calorie consumption (for losing that little gut), and for monumental increases in strength while requiring almost no equipment!
A key point to make is that if your home gym looks anything like mine ... meaning you have nothing more than a pull-up bar, some dumbbells and a bit of floor space, this is definitely the workout for you! You'll get an excellent burn; give it a try!

At Home Workout

Rule #1 about this workout - Keep in mind the muscle you are focusing on. This will allow you to achieve a much greater contraction and will thus be getting more muscle breakdown for eventual muscle growth.


  • Dynamic Stretches
  • Short session of cardio (Jogging, or jumping rope. Your choice.)


  • Pushups: Requirement: none
    • 2x15 reps (Neutral/ shoulder width apart hand position)
    • 1x15 reps (Wide hand position)
    • 1x15 reps (Close together hand position)Focus muscle: Pectorals If you are a beginner, there is no shame in doing push-ups with your knees on the ground rather than your feet. All that really matters is that you're feeling the burn.
  • Air Bike: Requirement: A small weight plate or medicine ball (bowling ball or a small child will suffice too)
    • 3x15 repsFocus muscle: Abs and obliques
  • Cross Body Hammer Curls: Requirement: dumbbells
    • 3x10 repsFocus muscle: biceps
    • I like this exercise because it doubles for a forearm workout as well.
  • Pull-ups: Requirement: A pull-up bar or something to hang from (deck, basement support, etc.)
    • 2x10 repsFocus muscle: Lats (back)
  • Bench Dips: Requirement: Two benches or two chairs
    • 2x15 repsFocus muscle: Triceps
  • Depending on the condition of your triceps from the push-ups, the legs can be used to aid more or less to complete the sets.
  • Dumbbell Squats: Requirement: dumbbells
    • 3x20 reps
  • Try to create the maximum amount of contraction in the legs as possible
  • Flutter Kicks: Requirement: a floor (can be also done on a bench or bed)
    • 3x15 repsFocus muscle: Hamstrings and Glutes
  • Dumbbell Calf Raises: Requirement: dumbbells
    • 3x20 repsFocus Muscle: Calves
  • Crunches: Requirement: none (or a medicine ball for weighted crunches)
    • 3x15 repsFocus Muscle: Abs
  • Chin-Ups : Requirement: A pull-up bar
    • 2x10 repsFocus Muscle: Biceps
  • Dumbbell Lunges : Requirement: dumbbells
    • 3x10 repsFocus muscle: Hamstrings and Quads
  • Cool Down :
    • Low to moderate intensity cardio (Depending on your fitness level, the duration of this can vary). Remember that this is the ideal time for fat-burning, so do at least 15 minutes if possible.
    • The order of these exercises is specifically set up to allow low rest intervals between sets. The exercises that use the same muscle groups are spaced for that reason.

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