Lettuce and corn salad

 Lettuce and corn salad

 Many people eat light salads alongside the main dishes at lunch, and to prepare a light salad, here is a recipe of lettuce and corn salad.


 • 5 leaves of lettuce

 • Half a grain of chopped red pepper

 • Half a cup of chopped cherry tomatoes

 • Half a cup of corn

 • a tablespoon of olive oil

 • a quarter teaspoon of salt

 • quarter cup of lemon juice

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 How to prepare

 • 1 Cut the well-washed lettuce leaves and place them in a medium-sized bowl.

 2 Add tomatoes, peppers and corn and stir.

 3 Mix the oil with salt and lemon juice, then pour it over the salad and stir.

 • 4 Put the salad on a serving dish and serve cold on the table.

 I hope you like own recipe 

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